East Kent Mavericks @ Cambridge Cats

The East Kent Mavericks played their first away game of the season against the Cambridge Cats and came away victorious.

The last time the Mavericks traveled to the cats was the last time they were victorious which was now 10 games ago.

The Mavericks defense began brightly with line backer Tom Nairn causing a fumble on the first play which was recovered by Henry Barden. The offence didn’t quite begin at the same speed and struggle to score as there defense held strong ending the quarter with a 0-0 score line.

The Mavericks defense continued to hold while the offence finally started to make some serious process despite a huge number of yard being lost from penalties. This I’ll-discipline had led to their failure to score earlier. The deadlock was broken when QB Luke Jones snuck up middle from 4 yards out. He then found receiver Rob McDonald for the 2 point conversion. The half then ended after a poor punt lead to a 2 point safety. The score 8-2 to the Mavericks.

The second half began well for the Mavericks as they used a short passing game to drive up the field finished off when Luke Jones found Rob McDonald in the end-zone from 15 yards out. The following 2 point conversion was missed. With the Mavericks defence hold strong thanks to some strong tackling especially from Dave squires and Henry Barden. The quarter ended 14-2.

Again the maverick passing attack looked bright striding down the field before a 25 yard pass found Daniel Symons for the touchdown. The 2 point conversion was missed. The Cambridge cats managed to score in the closing stages after they gained possession 10 yard out but this was too little too late.

The game ended 20-8 to the East Kent Mavericks breaking there losing streak. Let’s hope they can continue this improved form and push forward in future.