Kent Exiles @ Mavericks


The East Kent Mavericks and Kent Exiles butt heads once again in an instant classic 

The East Kent Mavericks and Kent Exiles took part in a defensive duel that will go a long way to deciding who makes the playoffs.

The East Kent Mavericks continued their season with a home game versus the 5-2 Colchester Gladiators. This looked to be a difficult fixture for the Mavericks as the strong Colchester side found some great form in the second half of the season. The game took place at the Mavericks' new ground where they had been victorious with their first game against the Birmingham Bulls. This was to be the first of two games in two weeks against Colchester as the Mavericks are set to travel away on the 26th of July. The game started with a high tempo and good aggression from both teams. The first touchdown came when a short pass from Colchester found a receiver in space who continued after the catch with a 40 yard run to the end-zone. The 1 point conversion was successful.

The Mavericks answered back quickly with a long pass finding receiver Chris Lacey, who almost broke through to go all the way himself. QB Luke Jones then found some space carrying 30 yards before being put out just 1 yard short of the end-zone. He wasn’t done here though as he stepped up with a QB sneak into the end-zone to bring the score up 7-6 to Colchester. The Mavericks had a chance to take the lead, but the 2 point conversion was missed. Colchester showed the strength in their run game as they powered down the field before finishing off with a 15 yard run into the end-zone. The 1 point conversion was missed. The next score went to Colchester as they began to open up a lead. With strong running, they finished with a 10 yard run into the end-zone and the 1 point conversion was successful. It began to look as if the Mavericks were struggling to react to a very physically run game. The 1st quarter ended with Colchester firmly in the driving seat with a 20-6 lead.

 Colchester looked to push forward after a strong first quarter. But the Mavericks' defence began to unlock the key to preventing the Colchester offence; there was only a missed field goal that proved to be the only real attempt of scoring. The Mavericks' offense continued to struggle with consistency as there were some good plays but not enough to cause any real impact to the Colchester defence. The Colchester offense had one last say as they had a run from 12 yard out reach the end-zone. The field goal was blocked before Richie Bowen picked up the loose ball before running the length to end the game with a 33-8 score line. The Mavericks continue to show that they have the talent to beat any of the teams in their division, but until their consistency improves this looks unlikely to be achieved.